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Training & Resources

Training & resources

This project will aim at producing two main resources for the VET professionals. First, it will produces 4 chatbots on specific topics, that will be usable directly by the professional.

And secondly, it will produce a chatbot creation platform. This platform will gathers all the resources shared by teachers and allows the students to integrate the chatbot of their choice when they are logged in. A public page will present the platform and its goals, but all users are invited to subscribe and log in to use the chatbots

  •      Chatbot alpha

The first chatbot tutor of this project will be developed in one of the core domains of CEPS. Its development will serve as a  pilot for the next 3 chatbots, that will be referred to as “chatbots beta”: by analysing what went right and what went wrong in the development of the first chatbot, the partners will be able to identify the most efficient way to develop the second batch of chatbots.

  •      Chatbot beta

Based on the trials, errors and improvements made in the creation of the tutor chatbot in the previous phase, the partners (except for CEPS) will each develop tutoring chatbot for their existing courses. The specific topics are to be chosen among the partners at the beginning of the project and will relate to the courses that are given by the VET partners, such as robotics, tourism and hospitality-related skill, ICT, gastronomy, etc.

  •      Chatbot creation training module

This chatbot creation training module will aim at making the adoption and development of chatbots in VET easier by offering an online support tool, in the form of a training chatbot, to be freely accessible, as well as support material for a training workshop for those whose would be less comfortable using ICT. the content will be accompanied with 12 videos tutorial explaining specific aspects of the chatbot creation

Development of the Alpha version of #tutorbot

July 24th, 2019|

We have good news, we are in the final part of the development of the Alpha version of #tutorbot Once the content creation part is finished and in parallel with programming, we are in the "bot" training phase! More news in the next days! [...]