On October 14th and 15th the third transnational meeting of the project was held in Barcelona, at Convent de Sant Agustí. Although we faced quite some difficulties to arrive due to local protests, everything went well and all the partners could arrive fine and on time.

Two days of intensive work, focused on training methodologies for chatbots: finding out technical improvements of the platform, sharing with the partners the learnings of the Alpha version implementation developed in Spain and training to start the Beta testing in Italy, Germany and Greece.

Natural Language Engine, here is the first thing to train, which will allow the chatbot to interact with an increasingly fluid conversation and to recognize the phrases, messages, and requests of the students. Then there are the training contents, to be structured not classically as learning modules (i.e. from the teacher’s point of view), but rather by topics of interest and key words (i.e. from the pupil’s point of view). Lexical linguistic recognition, pedagogical training support, all automated thanks to an artificial intelligence engine.

Lots of new things and details to keep in mind while trying to develop and improve our tutorbot!